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The WALKING podcast

Dec 18, 2020

Here, in the darkest, dourest, deadliest, bleakest doldrums of Winter 2020, I don't feel like making any more podcasts, because what's the point, but I thought I'd slip last year's holiday extravaganza episode back into your feeds, in which we exploded the usual format of the show to bring you a star-studded,...

Nov 24, 2020

Walking on the beach, in a contemplative mood, I gaze out on what used to be an undersea minefield and discover an atrocious-looking jelly fish, oozed haphazardly over the rocks at my feet.

This week's walk is sponsored by The Wild Wine Club, a new online wine shop based in Portland, Oregon that exclusively...

Nov 17, 2020

I accidentally walked into a creek.

This week's walk is sponsored by Chris Funk's new solo record, "Songs for Dog Fitness." Pandemic music for walking your dog, or for not walking your dog. 

(You may know Chris as the creator of the WALKING podcast theme song from last season, or as the guitarist for The...

Nov 10, 2020

I see many funguses. I encounter a massive buck hopping improbably high out of the ferns. Isaac tells me about someone he just met while walking, and I tell him about my imaginary friends. I walk home, in a tiny bit of a rush.


Nov 3, 2020

Four hours, 10.4 miles. I had to stop at a bakery in the middle. 

This election night special coverage special is, as always, just a recording of me walking. I hope you'll come along as a way to relax or be distracted. As special coverage theme music, I used "Fanfare for the Frontier" from Mike Verta's Hollywood...